Summary project

European program for education, training, youth and sport

Teaching, learning and popularizing the history of immigration is at the heart of our project which is intended for both teachers and students and also for a wider public.

For teachers, students, educators, and leaders of the territory, we will produce an educational and sociological work taking stock of reasons and immigration issues, its causes, its effects, its impact on rural and remote areas. The methods, objectives and learning tools that will be used will be modern and above all, will allow to teach better, to understand immigration in its entirety and complexity and to seek solutions in order to know better how to live together. This course will be set up via educational activities at schools but also in the field, by  focusing on values of a school of life based on respect, knowledge of each other, sharing and understanding.

For students, concrete tools (meetings, presentations, …) and activity sheets will be provided in class to perform a research process on the memory of their family and their career.

Through multidisciplinary itineraries designed from the exploitation of written documents and other sources, learners of different school levels, through various tasks and a pedagogy of the project, will acquire new concepts and new skills. Beyond the research of his/her own roots and family history, beyond his/her position of being different  but learning to live together, the purpose of this project  is to reach the awareness that building him/herself as an individual and building Europe allow the easing of difficulties of the past, the coexistence between different cultures and  ethnic groups, in a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance and solidarity. Europe will be considered as an antidote to the resurgence of nationalism, discrimination, violence, hatred, racism in all its forms.

From the work done, we will create and share an attractive movie for residents of the two towns, including life journey to discover places of origin, but also documents, testimonies, photos, drawings, family stories, maps, cards on the visible marks and memories of families.

The project unifies colleges, elementary schools and sports associations, twinning committees and municipalities across 2 countries (France, Italy). Activities will be linked by a common thread: cross our looks, exchange and produce together.

The overarching objective is the implementation of good teaching practices from the knowledge.

At the beginning of the project, historical research and investigation will exploit all kinds of sources: oral or written archives, memoirs, literary productions, cinema, monuments and archaeological traces…. Various approaches and methods will be worked following the different levels of education and the difficulties encountered by students. Then in addition to theoretical training, work with sports associations that will show a common path and guide young people towards successful integration, will occur. The project will be a transdisciplinary collaboration with other disciplines such as languages, sports, science and technology, art, literature, geography…

Short mobilities will allow students, teachers and several persons or associations of municipalities to work together in multinational group, to learn the partner’s language, to discover the territory and heritage of others, to achieve a better knowledge of European school systems, to share the values of sport and to understand the historic and contemporary aspects of immigration so that young people will be able to live in a more united Europe.

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